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Purchasing on-trend wall to wall carpet colorsLarge popular wall to wall carpet colors

Many manufacturing or trading companies use this product as a promotional tool or as a gift and Eid to their employees. Landscape and Quranic verses are widely used in the production of wall to wall carpet colors, and sellers in different cities of the country use these products to sell to consumers.


Purchasing on-trend wall to wall carpet colors

Purchasing on-trend wall to wall carpet colorsIn each region of the country, special designs and maps of machine-made carpets are popular, and for this reason, a variety of verse, landscape and French carpets are offered in this collection in good variety and high circulation. Given that our main customers are bankers and distributors in the provincial capitals, the cost of the products is minimal and buyers can safely buy the designs they want.

To get the full new designs, you can visit different galleries and follow different telegram networks. Experts will send you a new price list of machine-made carpets and new designs. Buyers who are looking for a suitable carpet for their home can buy a beautiful and high quality carpet, which varies depending on the type of frame and the dimensions of the carpet.

Large popular wall to wall carpet colors

What color carpet goes with tan walls?

What is the most popular carpet color?

Different designs are used to weave machine-made carpets that are well-known and popular among the people. The following are some of the common types of machine-made carpet designs that are woven by all companies:

  • Van Yakad and Ayatollah Al-Kursi machine-made carpets
  • Landscape or nature machine-made carpet
  • Carpets with flower and vase designs or flower baskets
  • French or European machine-made carpet
  • Horse or animal car design carpet
  • Tandis Machine Carpet

Machine carpets are more diverse in design and color than hand-woven carpets. The designs used in the carpets of Isfahan include:  ice cream and historical works, various religious places, face carpets, Iranian paintings, fruits, foreign and European paintings and drawings, oriental paintings and Chinese, fantasy designs, rural life designs, miniature paintings, various animal designs, flower and vase and bird designs, nomadic life designs, personal pictures, natural landscapes and more. Depending on your taste, you can visit all the designs that are available in the largest sales center of machine-made carpets and put them in your shopping cart after selection. For weaving carpets, two types of fibers with the best material are used, one is silk fibers which are very fine and the other is acrylic fibers. Machine-made carpets have two categories: woven machine-made carpets and digital printing carpets, which use polyester fibers in the weaving of sublimation or printed carpets.

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