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Because water is a force of nature and Balsan wishes to preserve it, our designers have created Aqua, a carpet that takes shape over the water! Most ? The undulations of the aquatic expanses which are outlined on the floor of your interiors and which take on nicely unusual colors: Aqua is available in 12 colors ranging from Cayenne orange to Burgundy red.

This structured carpet – which alternates matt yarns and shiny yarns – belongs to the Territoires collection, a range made up of three products: Aqua, Atoll and Atrium. It also gives the possibility of personalizing its floor by choosing a design among 20 graphics and coloring in a palette of 18 tones. 

High-end carpet, ideal for decorating your hotel

The high-end Carrara designer carpet , the magic of textiles, manages to evoke both the mineral nuances of marble and the carefully interwoven pieces of the marquetry. On the one hand the power of the noblest of stones, on the other the supreme delicacy of master cabinetmakers.

Intended for luxurious interiors, the high-end Carrara carpet will ideally assert its elegant and energetic character in a large space, which will allow it to deploy the skilful assembly of its pattern, which is available in 4 colors in shades of gray.

With increased resistance (U3SP3E1C0 classification), this unique luxury carpet will easily withstand repeated passages.

Comfort, calm and pleasure
  • The carpet immediately creates the cozy, even “cocoon” atmosphere that guests love to find at the hotel.
  • In the lobby, a beautiful, comfortable walk-through carpet sets the tone for the well-being that guests will experience during their stay.
  • In the lounge and the hotel bar, it allows you to enter discreetly, without the other customers turning around.
  • In the bedrooms, the thick carpet invites you to go barefoot and feel “at home”. Finally, it is the ideal floor covering for a rest room.
Designer carpets that add color to your hotel!
  • In the hall, the living room, the bedrooms, color influences the atmosphere.
  • Carpet in width, tile or plank format offers unparalleled creative freedom through inexhaustible color palettes (designed carpet, printed carpet, etc.).
  • Avoid light textiles in favor of darker, more durable and more refined floors.
  • Make your hotel unique by personalizing the color and patterns of your carpets (corridor, hall, bedroom carpets).
  • What if you distinguished your rooms from each other with different carpet colors?
Digital printing, full coloring
  • Digital textile printing allows you to vary the patterns and colors to adorn the floors of your hotel.
  • This technology ensures the complete coloring of the fibers of the carpet, and not a simple overprinting, which guarantees the stability of the colors over time.
  • Balsan offers a wide variety of printed carpet collections with inspiring patterns, customizable from 100 m2.
  • Be on-trend: Pair printed patterned carpets with their solid counterparts.
Offer your hotel French quality at the best price!
  • All our textile floors are “Made in France”, a guarantee of quality for your hotel.                     
  • Only a Balsan carpet as a floor covering brings you so many benefits: comfort (contact, sound insulation), decoration, durability, economy (thermal insulation), ecology (energy savings) and hygiene (allergen trap).
  • Balsan rugs and carpet tiles have the best value for money in store for you!


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Mofazi invite you for buy the best Carpets and floor covering.

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