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Commercial Hotel Carpet are found in virtually every hotel in the world. The comfort and soundproofing they provide make them essential choices for this type of project. To this must be added the luxury tiles and planks for the halls, bars and other public spaces as well as the sports surfaces for the training rooms. Mofazi carpet offers you leading products for these applications.

In the case of hotels, we will distinguish 3 types of use for carpets:

Commercial Hotel Carpet Commercial Hotel Carpet Commercial Hotel Carpet

  • Chambers : moderate wear constraints and high risk of soiling, we recommend qualities intended for intense domestic use ( class 23 ) or light / moderate commercial ( classes 31/32 ), which can be easily maintained (wool ideally)

Commercial Hotel Carpet Commercial Hotel Carpet Commercial Hotel Carpet

  • Corridors and common areas : very high wear constraints, we recommend qualities intended for intense commercial use ( class 33 ), in a high tightness (pile density) and a reasonable pile height (max 7.5 mm), avoiding repetitive designs for corridors (favor lines or inlaid rugs)

Commercial Hotel Carpet Commercial Hotel Carpet Commercial Hotel Carpet

  • Restaurants, bars and lounges : two major constraints in restaurants, namely significant wear and tear and a high risk of soiling; we therefore recommend tight qualities, like corridors / common areas, easy to maintain, favoring a design “not sensitive” to dirt (avoid plain or small patterns).

Axminster woven carpets

This type of carpet is nowadays very frequently encountered in hotels around the world , whether in England, its country of origin, in the United States and in particular in Las Vegas in almost all casinos, or in France in many casinos. many establishments.

They are not mistaken, this product offers many advantages:

  • Drawing custom
  • Color measurement on (up to 16 colors by drawing)
  • Choice of quality : tightening, pile height, thread count
  • Possibility of seamless weaving  (full width design and / or no repetition along the length)
  • Competitive price without minimum manufacturing
  • Short manufacturing times (max. 4 weeks)
  • Durability and hold of a woven carpet
  • Easy maintenance for wool qualities

We work exclusively, at the cutting edge of technology in terms of Axminster woven carpets.

A good hotel should be both friendly and tastefully appointed. This requirement renewed every day, and for each customer. The demands on flooring are enormous. It must be pleasant in terms of appearance and touch and appear in its best light despite heavy traffic and heavy loads: spotlessly clean, hygienic and without signs of wear even over the years. Mofazi Carpet coverings are durable, easy to maintain and robust. They also highlight authenticity and design.

Needle felt

needle felt specially developed for the hotel and catering industry. Thanks to its dense needling, Showtime is very robust and adapts perfectly to high traffic. Its extreme fiber density protects it from dirt and guarantees ease of maintenance. Showtime also stands out in terms of design: its smooth surface which allows fine prints offers a wide range of varied and impressive floor optics.

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Flotex by Mofazi carpet also offers hotel guests the complete comfort package of a textile cover: a pleasant and comfortable feeling, a beautiful designer appearance, a pleasant heat distribution and good acoustics in the room. Most good quality carpets satisfy these properties. But what about long-term hygiene, cleaning and maintenance? A hotel room should be top notch every day and for every guest. Flotex performs this task brilliantly. Flotex is washable and disinfectable.

Learn more about our Flotex collections:

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Mofazi invite you for buy the best Carpets and floor covering.

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