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The different types of flexible floors

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Linoleum: easy maintenance and affordable pricePlastic flooring: the inexpensive flexible floors suitable for all roomsCarpet: the comfort optionCalling a professional for the installation of the flexible floor: how to benefit from a reduced VAT rate?

Flexible floors represent an aesthetic alternative to more classic floors. These coatings perfectly imitate more noble materials (wood, tiles, marble, etc.) while remaining easier to maintain and more accessible.

types of flexible floors

The soft soil quality can be a very attractive alternative and cost more conventional floors like parquet, tiles or polished concrete. In fact, in recent years, flexible floor coverings have imitated more noble materials such as wood, tiles or even marble to perfection, while remaining much easier to maintain and much less expensive. More and more innovative, flexible floors use materials with interesting properties. The flexible floor is a coating that comes in a wide variety of materials: rubber, PVC, resin, wool or synthetic fibres, linoleum, vinyl, carpet … Flexible floor also have the advantage of being insulating. Here is an overview of the different resilient flooring solutions and their properties, to help you choose.

Linoleum: easy maintenance and affordable price

Less cold than tiling, as comfortable as wood, linoleum is a coating based on natural products, resistant, which offers multiple decor possibilities. Not to be confused with plastic floors, linoleum is composed of pine resin, cork, wood powders, linseed oil and natural pigments. It is therefore an ecological solution, and technically more rigid than other resilient floor coverings. Besides, linoleum is a perennial material, which will keep the vividness of its colours and patterns for several decades, even if it is installed in high-traffic areas.

The prices of rolled linoleum and linoleum tiles are on average between € 12 and € 60 / m² excluding installation. If you opt for lino boards, the price will be between € 15 and € 65 / m² excluding installation. Ecological linoleum is a little more expensive, being between 15 € and 75 € / m² excluding installation. The price for laying the linoleum is from 10 € to 20 € / m². Thus, for a 20 m² room made of linoleum tiles, we can aim for a minimum overall cost of 440 €.

Plastic flooring: the inexpensive flexible floors suitable for all rooms

Quickly installed, easy to replace, plastic flooring is certainly the least expensive of flexible flooring. There are three main versions.

  • The foamed vinyl floor is particularly pleasant to the touch and comes in the form of rolls. Besides, vinyl is waterproof and can therefore be installed in rooms potentially exposed to water, such as the kitchen, basement and bathroom, unlike lino which is not perfectly waterproof. Very resistant, vinyl can be adapted to the floor of a garage, for example, where it will support the weight of a vehicle without being damaged.
  • Flexible PVC flooring is easy to install in the form of slats or tiles, but it is also available in rolls.
  • Finally, resin flooring, which is particularly effective in terms of sound insulation, is poured directly onto the floor and spreads out evenly or can be purchased in rolls. The intervention of a professional is a sine qua non for the installation of a flexible resin floor because, in its liquid form, the resin can be toxic.

While it is not very ecological, flexible plastic flooring has the advantage of rapid installation and low prices: vinyl, for example, is accessible from € 15 / m² and up to € 70 / m², to which must be added the price of the installation, between 15 € to 35 € / m² depending on the difficulty. The price of the resin is on average between 30 € and more than 220 € / m² installation included in its standard version. Polyurethane resin is more expensive, on average between € 90 and € 400 / m².

Carpet: the comfort option

Synonymous with comfort and softness, the carpet is a natural or synthetic material, with short or long pile, allows a refined decoration, very cosy. It is available in the form of tiles or rolls. It is sometimes replaced by seagrass, resistant to repeated passages and humidity, or sisal, from the leaves of a plant, less expensive, very resistant and softer to the touch than coconut fibre or a rush of the sea. Coconut fibre, like sisal, is available in several natural colours. That said, coconut fibre is considered to be stronger than sisal. Although the carpet still suffers from a somewhat outdated and not very recommendable reputation for indoor air quality, manufacturers have however been able to update it by offering more advanced products, anti-dust mites and anti-allergens, a little more expensive. Besides, the carpet has the property of absorbing sound: if the soundproofing of the home leaves something to be desired, it can represent a significant gain in acoustic comfort.

Entry-level velour carpet costs € 5 / m² and goes up to € 35 / m² for a more sought-after pile. Needle punched carpet is priced from € 10 to € 15 / m². Shaggy, that is to say, long-pile carpet is available from € 20 / m² and up to € 35 / m².

If we are more oriented towards natural carpets, it will take around 16 € / m² including tax for coconut fibre, 30 € / m² including tax for sisal and 25 € / m² for seagrass.

Calling a professional for the installation of the flexible floor: how to benefit from a reduced VAT rate?

The prices of flexible floors depend on their quality, their thickness, their treatments and the difficulty of installation. The professional in charge of the work will be able to advise you according to any additional costs such as the need for an overlay for a vinyl installation on a floor that is not flat. Some fittings require expert know-how. In all cases, the intervention of a professional for the installation of flexible floor coverings is strongly recommended, especially since going through a professional, the materials and the installation will benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5. % instead of 20% if your flexible floor installation project involves energy renovation and provides thermal insulation.

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