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Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers- Hospitality Carpet For The More Casual Space

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Our recommended colour for hospitality carpetsDesigning for Acoustics With Hospitality CarpetsIt is important that you consult your hospitality carpet manufacturer or supplier and keep a few things in mind:
Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers

For a casual space – for example, a bistro, pub, bar, or club – a custom designed carpet might not be necessary. For projects like these, your best bet might be to go with a standard selection of hospitality carpets. With a wide range of colours, patterns and textures to choose from, deciding to go standard does not mean giving up on customizability. Alternatively, if cost-savings and regular maintenance are your top concerns, you may want to consider carpet tiles. Available at ege in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including square, plank and hexagon, as well as custom colours and patterns, carpet tiles offer a greater degree of design versatility than they once did. To read more about them, check out our comprehensive guide on carpet tiles.  

Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers

Our recommended colour for hospitality carpets

Worried about stains mucking up your beautiful new carpet? In the hospitality business, stains and dirt on the carpets is a real concern that you should take into consideration when choosing the right carpet for your hotel, bar or restaurant environment.

Our recommendation is to choose a medium range colour. Medium range colours work best for concealing stains – both light and dark and offer little contrast to daily soil buildup, so the eye is not drawn to it. This way your carpet, whether it being located in a hotel or a bar environment, will look clean and new for years to come. 

With all this in mind, go forth and get some hospitality carpet inspiration. Check out our articles “4 Bold Design Trends to Watch” and “5 Unexpected Ways to Use Carpets in Interior Design“.

Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers

Designing for Acoustics With Hospitality Carpets

Acoustics are a huge concern when designing for a hospitality project. How relaxing would it be to walk into a fine hotel and hear the voices of concierges, bellhops and guests all muddled together? What about visiting a restaurant and hearing the bustling of the kitchen, but not your dinner guests? Then, of course, everyone knows the struggle of not being able to hear someone when they’re right next to you at a bar.

Whatever your goal, with its natural sound absorptive properties, carpets are a great choice when it comes to absorbing sound and cutting down noise levels in hospitality project. Some of the more creative interior designers are even beginning to use carpet for tapestry or wall covering to achieve an even greater muffling effect when required.

he acoustic benefits of hospitality carpeting, though, aren’t a factor of the carpet alone, but the padding, or backing used beneath it. As a rule, the thicker the underlay you select, the greater the sound absorption. Manufacturers, such as ege even offer acoustic-optimised carpet backing. For projects, such as hotels and restaurant design, in which sound absorption is critical, 

Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers

It is important that you consult your hospitality carpet manufacturer or supplier and keep a few things in mind:

  • Wall-to-wall carpets can be paired with heavy duty backing, namely, acoustic-optimized carpet backing to enhance its sound absorption properties, thus increasing your hospitality environment.
  • The more permeable the carpet backing, the more sound energy can penetrate into the cushion and the higher the resulting noise reduction coefficient (NRC).
  • Cushion underlays with higher weight and thickness also improve the NRC.

For a more comprehensive guide on how to optimize for acoustics, make sure to read our guide, “Improving the Sounds of the Room”.

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