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Hospitality Carpet Supplier-Choosing the Right Hospitality Carpet

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The Hospitality Carpet, a faithful ally of the bedroomTake a quiet walk Boldness goes through the groundHospitality carpets for a high-end projects

Now you understand the benefits of using a carpet design for your hospitality project and the choices you have, in terms of hospitality carpet’s form and construction. What else should you consider?

Some main properties to keep in mind when choosing a hospitality carpet are: acoustics, durability and soil resistance.

Ultimately, though, the properties you should consider depend on the nature of the space you’re designing. For example, is it a high-end, or more casual space?  

The expression “at the hotel as at home” appeals to comfort and tranquility , what if it depended on your floor covering?

Hospitality Carpet

The Hospitality Carpet, a faithful ally of the bedroom

With a private individual, the room is a veritable sanctuary dedicated to rest. This protected place is synonymous with serenity. When staying at a hotel, the desire to find this space of comfort is essential, hence the importance of a pleasant hotel room. One of the keys to making this room welcoming: the carpet .

Take a quiet walk 

Noise is the first nuisance denounced by hotel customers . This is not inevitable, there are now materials to reduce the propagation of noise. The carpet offers a very high soundproofing performance, which is therefore effective in protecting everyone’s ears and thus combating the “dormitory” effect. By taking into consideration the comfort of the senses of the customers, your hotel immediately gains in standing.    

Hospitality Carpet

Boldness goes through the ground

Going to a hotel is also a quest for adventure, fostered by a trend that won over many followers in 2015: experiential tourism. The personalized rooms, themed restaurants and other unusual places have been very successful with their striking decoration. Why not create the unexpected by opting for a personalized textile floor ?  

Hospitality Carpet

Hospitality carpets for a high-end projects

If you’re designing and selecting hospitality carpets for a five-star hotel or top-of-the-line restaurant, there’s no question, your client and their future patrons will want every detail tended to. This doesn’t just mean choosing the best of the best materials anymore, this means telling a story with your carpet design choices and creating an experience unique to the establishment you’re designing for.

A great vehicle through which to tell this story is a quality custom wall-to-wall carpet. With custom wall-to-wall carpeting for hotels, you can seamlessly integrate your vision into your design, creating a truly unique experience – both visually and texturally.

As a result, It’s even possible to order custom carpet designs as small as 4 x 4 meters, enabling individualization of the smaller things, like guest rooms in a boutique hotel.

custom hospitality carpet provides so much more than hard flooring. It can help you carry out a unifying theme in your hotel design, it can subtly separate spaces, it can help you express the personality or history of a space. The choice is yours. Check out our guide, “ Amazing Carpet Cases we Love,” to see how your hotel carpet choices can help achieve your design objectives in unexpected ways. For further information on wall-to-wall carpet check out our comprehensive guide

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