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Multi Color Customised Polyester Carpet

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Luxury Comfortable carpet Hotel priceloope pile carpet wholesale

polyester carpet  has unique colors. Multi color customised polyester carpet  is widely produced in Iran and exported to other countries. Carpets are manufactured in different sizes in factories, the most common of which are 3 m long and 3 m wide. The designs of the Iranian polyester rugs are very old and are more like nature. The polyester used in them is of good quality and can be used for many years. One of the oldest colors used in these carpets is red, which will make your home look warmer.  polyester Carpet is very easy to clean and can be washed.

Multi Color Customised Polyester Carpet

Luxury Comfortable carpet Hotel price

Luxury Comfortable carpet Hotel priceComfortable luxury carpets are very popular and hotels are keen to use them in different parts of the hotel building. The price of this product may be a little expensive, but it can be used for many years and is always the same as the first day with proper washing and maintenance. Comfortable carpet Hotel It is produced in different sizes and in different colors Due to the decoration of the building different colors and designs can be used. Old designs and modern designs of these rugs are available in the market.  

You can go to the dealers to get the price list. Prices of carpets vary according to their density. The luxury carpets of the hotel have a high density and that is why they are expensive، These carpets can also be purchased in bulk. Wholesale purchases make you pay less for each carpet. 

loope pile carpet wholesale

loope pile carpet wholesaleloope pile carpet Carpets are the most popular types For use in the living room, this carpet model can be used to give Relax to the space because of circular shape. There are carpets in the front of the hotel’s entrance that enhance the beauty of the space.

 Wholesale of these carpet has made it possible for buyers to buy them at a lower price. Large users of this product or smaller stores buy the carpet from these wholesale stores. Carpets come in various designs for major sale and even buyers outside Iran can order this product and deliver it to the destination country. Factory sales offices can be obtained from these wholesale addresses. Factory sales offices sell you the bulk of the product and the prices at these offices are much cheaper than the free market. It is best to research before buying so that the purchased carpet is suitable for your financial situation. 

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