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Needle punched commercial carpet

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Factory price of tufted carpetHigh Quality Axminster Wool Wall to Wall carpet

Office carpet and commercial carpet, in addition to being resistant to high traffic, have a great variety of colors, designs, and dimensions. By choosing the right carpet colors and patterns for the space you want, you can create very modern combinations that take the chaos out of space and bring the design boldness to the viewer’s mind. Choosing an intelligent element such as a carpet drives the design of space to a higher level. The carpets of this series come in two types of roll carpet and tile hexagon and hexagon carpet.

Needle punched commercial carpet

Factory price of tufted carpet

Factory price of tufted carpetWhat is a tufted carpet? Tufted carpet production is much faster (about 8 times) than tissue carpeting. Today, with the advent of technology and the increasing demand for about 90% of carpet types, this method is produced. The method of producing Tufted carpets is that the yarn is first placed in the Primary Baking layer and after being adhered to the adhesive by the Secondary Baking that attaches to the first layer, This strength increases. The most important difference between this method and the Woven method is the Baking layer. The categories of Tufted carpet production methods are:

Cut Pile Method

Loop Pile Method

Cut & Loop Pile

Each of the three modes is selected according to customer requirements and standards and location. Cut Pile is one of the most popular methods of carpet production. In this method, the yarns are upright and the ends are cut. In the Loop Pile method, the rings remain in the tissue and are not cut. These rings can have different lengths. The combination of Cut & Loop Pile and variation in yarn height and layout combine to create a great deal of variation in carpet surface and appearance.

High Quality Axminster Wool Wall to Wall carpet

High Quality Axminster Wool Wall to Wall carpetThere are many reasons to use carpeting in floor coverings, one of which is the sense of luxury that induces home interiors, the luxury that comes with simplicity. Today carpets allow you to choose from all the different designs and styles that best suit your home’s interior decoration. Carpets can have a neutral color base, or have a focal point with a bold or vibrant color scheme. Carpeting is an ideal substrate that can safeguard our footsteps. Carpeting can minimize the damage caused by falling on the stairs, especially if you have a toddler or an elderly person in your home.

  • Wool Wall to Wall carpet:

These fibers are made from natural wool and have special applications. Wool is commonly used in certain locations because of its acceptable resistance to fire standards and also because of its natural fibers. These types of fibers are usually produced in carpets in a textured way, creating a pattern of hand-woven or machine-made carpets. Its lifespan is very long and sometimes lasts up to five years. To increase its wear resistance, it is usually added to 20% polyamide-nylon wool fibers and then woven into a carpet, sometimes referred to as an Axminister carpet, of which 80% is wool and 20% is polyamide. They are usually used for five-star hotels or for very special suites, and all designs on hand-made carpets can also be used. The finished price of this type of carpet is usually three times the price of the Nylon fiber carpet and the price depends on the area of ​​demand.

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