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Patterned Wall To Wall Carpet |How Much They Costs?

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How to Buy Carpets with Highest Discount?Minimum & Maximum Prices of Patterned Wall to Wall CarpetsWhich Places Need to be Patterned Wall to Wall Carpet?Where to Use Patterned Wall to Wall Carpet?
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Patterned Wall To Wall Carpet. Acrylic fibre is a relatively new fibre in the carpet industry made of polyacrylic. Soft and soft acrylic fibre that inspires the sense of natural fibres (wool) and looks very similar to wool fibres, which is why it is sometimes referred to as synthetic wool.

Acrylic carpet resistance to abrasion

Acrylic carpets are resistant to abrasion, but considering that acrylic fibres are less durable than other fibres, the use of acrylic fibres in commercial spaces and spaces with high traffic flow is not recommended. The durability of acrylic carpet in crowded areas has led to the combination of wool and acrylic fibres as a solution to the production of some carpets and to cover the weakness of acrylic fibres to overcome this problem.

How to Buy Carpets with Highest Discount?

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Acrylic carpet resistance to moisture

Carpets made from acrylic fibres against moisture and moisture, have good resistance and dry quickly. These carpets are also resistant to mildew and have good function. These features make acrylic carpets an ideal option for use in wet areas. For example, acrylic carpets are best suited for use as bathtubs in areas such as bathrooms. The acrylic moccasin, in addition to its high washability, also has good flexibility. The presence of these two properties makes the acrylic carpets easy to wash and at the same time maintain their appearance after washing. Here it is not worth mentioning that the acrylic carpet is also resistant to colour fading. The acrylic locate is resistant to chemicals and has good resistance to stains. This carpet also has a good reaction against static electricity. More acrylic fibres are used in looped carpets.

Even with the above, maybe this question has come to your attention, why is Akrilic Carpet worn because of its lower price and very similar appearance to wool carpets, why is it used less? The answer to this is that, although acrylic carpets have a lower finished cost than other carpets, the low durability and low life of these carpets are the most important reason for the low acceptance of carpets made from acrylic fibre.


Minimum & Maximum Prices of Patterned Wall to Wall Carpets


Polyester carpets, suitable carpeting for the bedroom

Polyester is an artificial fibre that has been mass production since 1945. Polyester is referred to as a polymer that has the “ester” group and is usually referred to as “polyethene terephthalate” or “polytetrafluoroethylene glycol”. Polyethene woven mica Ester, attractive appearance, brilliance and high clarity. Carpets made from polyester fibres are very bright in colour, and the important thing is that they keep this brightness. If we want to compare polyester carpets with the appearance of nylon carpets, it seems that matt coloured nylon carpets are more matte than polyester carpets. Depending on the closure of the molecular structure of the polyester (CLOSED CELL FIBER), the absorbance The water of the polyester fibre is very low, which makes the fibres resistant to the high viscosity. The resistance of the polyester fibre to water-soluble spots is also very high. Of course, polyester fibres, like polypropylene fibres (olefins), are weak in comparison with low-fat stains and show low resistance. Polyester carpets are weak in comparison to the stains caused by oil and lubricants. It is interesting to note that in general, the stain resistance in polyester carpets is higher than nylon carpets. Of course, if nylon carpets are painted in a “solution-dyed” method, they exhibit a very high resistance to stain.

Which Places Need to be Patterned Wall to Wall Carpet?

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Types of Carpet Dyeing

In the cycle and process of carpeting, carpet dyeing along with carpet texture and backing is one of the most important stages of fabrication and carpet weaving. On the other hand, the colour and appearance of a carpet is the most important visual factor in choosing a carpet for space.

Main methods of dyeing of fibres


In this method, the dyeing of the fibres takes place before the texture stage, and the fibres used are coloured according to the chosen method and the final product (carpet) is woven using coloured threads. Pre-dyeing or carpet pre-dyeing, dyeing of carpet fibres before production and carpet weaving. In this method, the carpet is fabricated and coated by previously coated fibres based on a pattern and pattern.

Dyeing after Carpet or Post Dyeing

Carpet dyeing, after production and carpet weaving. In this method, carpet is first produced by raw fibres. The carpeting is then painted. In this method, dyeing is carried out after dyeing and dyeing is done directly on the textiles (including carpet). In the first place, the carpet is woven by the same coloured wool and after dyeing, the dyeing takes place.

Where to Use Patterned Wall to Wall Carpet?

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Solution Dyeing

Solution Dyeing is the best fibre dyeing technique. In this dyeing method, the pigments are mixed up with the molten polymer before making the fibres and after extruding the two, the extruders are made and the fibres are produced. This dyeing method is only applicable to some types of synthetic fibres such as nylon, polypropylene and triceratops. The most important feature of this method is that in the Solution Dyeing method, the brain and the yarn fibres are also colour-coded, which makes it impossible to change the colour of the fibres, even in the event of peeling or warping the fibres.

Piece Dyeing: This method is most suitable for nylon and polyester fibres. In this method, dyeing is done on woven carpeting (before the backing layer is installed).

Printing: This method is a kind of colour printing process performed on carpets. Unlimited variation in design and colour, but it does not offer much durability and stability. Use of cleaning materials not approved by the carpeting manufacturer can seriously damage carpet paint.

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