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Polyester moquette Carpet wholesale suppliers

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Polyester moquette Carpet dropshipping suppliersPolyester moquette Carpet wholesale vendors

From time immemorial, people used to weave carpets and throw them on the ground so that they would be comfortable in their homes and lying down, so that the firmness of the ground would not bother their bodies. But nowadays, when the population is growing, it is somewhat difficult to provide this need, and artificial yarns such as polyester are used in carpets. The most important fibers used in the production of machine-made carpets are moquette Carpet and Polyester moquette Carpet. You may have heard that polyester machine-made carpets have disadvantages.

Polyester moquette Carpet dropshipping suppliers

For any business that is related to the supply of a product, those who buy or sell the product in bulk, or the so-called supplier for it, are the main condition for the market price trend. That’s why Carpet dropshipping suppliers play a very important role in the Carpet market.

Polyester  yarn has  have a better color and glaze and  a remarkable beauty. For this reason, polyester carpets are more diverse in design and color. Carpet lining is one of the main problems of any family. As a result, non-woven moquette are more suitable for people with allergies due to lack of lint. In addition to its benefits, polyester machine-made carpets also have disadvantages:

  • The color stability of polyester and acrylic machine-made carpets is almost the same, but polyester is sensitive to alcohol-based detergents and loses its original color over time due to washing.
  • Polyester fibers used in machine-made carpets are delicate and very thin and have a shorter lifespan than acrylic carpets.
  • Polyester carpets do not tolerate much washing and lose their original state.
  •  As mentioned, the durability and resistance of polyester carpet is low, and objects such as the base of the sofa, chair, etc. that are on the carpet cause compression at that point and its effects remain.

Polyester moquette Carpet wholesale vendors

Carpet wholesale is one of the requirements of a Carpet business. That is, there should always be people called wholesalers who buy a product at a wholesale price from a factory or manufacturer and put it in their warehouses and sell it to retailers at a price that benefits them. As you know, if you buy a product in bulk, it will cost you less.

Machine-made carpets are woven from fibers such as polyester, BCF, polypropylene and acrylic (acrylic), most of which are machine-made acrylic carpets because these fibers have special properties such as resistance.

It is very high in heat, light, heat, and dust, and is therefore available in the tufted moquette industry, so that 90% of today’s machine-made carpets are made of acrylic heat set. For this reason, people use these features to their advantage, and instead of cheaper acrylic carpets, polyester carpets, etc.

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