carpet manufactured High quality

Carpet is very popular among Iranians. The industry has existed since long
ago. Many cities in our country, including the most important ones, Kashan, are

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broadloom wall to wall carpet major sale

The term flat carpet is defined as a carpet woven on it and generally refers to a brick carpet that is wall-to-wall. Broadloom is sold in rolls of standard widt

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Modern design wall to wall 3d carpet for living room

To buy wall to wall 3d carpet you can go to carpet stores or buy wall to wall 3d carpet dealers throughout the country. But the easier way is to buy wall to wal

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hot sale loop pile carpet tiles For Exhibition

Many buyers are trying to evaluate the performance of their sales centers in choosing plain wall to wall carpet types and they find it important. Because the mo

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wall to wall multi-loop pile carpets to sale

Nowadays there are many manufacturers that produce different types of multi-loop pile carpets. The fibers were left in their looped form, in the case of a loop

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Loop Pile Plain Wall To Wall Carpet For Exhibition

If you are looking for loop pile plain wall to wall carpet for the exhibition we can present you the best. The plain loop Carpet (tufted loop pile) in

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Rolling wall to wall hotel bedroom carpet manufacturers

hotel bedroom carpet is one of the great decorative items for hotel floors. These floors and walls are made of synthetic fibers and are highly resistant.&n

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Factory Price Anti-slip Customoffice Flannel Moquette Carpet

Today, Manufacturers produce different types of customoffice flannel moquette carpet in the world. This products are manufactured with professional systems and

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Hot sale loop pile carpet tiles

Hot sale loop pile carpet tiles and hotel bedroom carpet are considered as the major issues in the field of hotel business and communication. In this article, a

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