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Wall to wall carpet pricesThe best choise for durable decorationWhen did wall to wall carpet become popular?

Wall to wall carpet prices are different from a country to another one. A carpet found in the 17th century in a factory in Abbeville, where it is described as a fabric warp and weft yarn with a velvet-like wool, which is used to garnish seats or develop carpets.

This implies that we knew how to weave it in solid color (sometimes called tripe) or decorated with drawings. In the same way, the carpet existed pinned or buckled, essentially intended for the draperies of the windows or other fittings of furniture; but also velvety (the wool yarn is cut after weaving), this time reserved for the soil, like the one we know today.

Wall to wall carpet prices

The wall-to-wall carpet is a carpet intended to completely cover a surface. Carpets longer than 4m are usually installed using a mechanical tensioner, using studded ends attached to the walls of the walls where the carpet is nailed from one edge to the other. Another very common way of installing a wall-to-wall carpet is double-sizing. This is to glue a carpet underlay directly on the surface, then stick the carpet on this layer. Some carpets must be glued because of their reinforcement or material.


Manufacturing techniques that will continue to evolve over time with all sorts of elaborate weavings that make their singularity, certainly, but also their quality: axminster, wilton, tufting, essentially British innovations. Knowing that covering the entire floor of a room with carpet was a fad in the second half of the twentieth century, the raw cement floors became a generality in the popular habitat in place of old floors. Nothing to make fun even if carpet in French of the sixteenth century meant mockery, mockery.

Carpet is one of the most widely used floor coverings in the design of interior decoration, which has attracted the attention of consumers from the past due to the comfort and convenience of living space. Many designers and large architects have used carpeting as the first option in residential, office and hotel spaces due to their variety of designs, colors and models.

The variety of design in carpets makes it easy to match any kind of furniture and decor. And the created harmony makes the living space more enjoyable. The creation of a softwyman level for the children’s room, the design of a luxurious and beautiful space for hotels, as well as the creation of cozy decorations with the office environment, and a durable cover in amusement and amphitheater places make carpets an ideal choice in the building industry and Interior decoration has become.

The best choise for durable decoration

Moreover, and for the anecdote, we note that the warp and weft on which the wool was woven were often in hemp, which is not without explaining the expression, yet very recent: smoking the carpet since the word hemp is borrowed from Latin cannabis of the same meaning!

To make it simple and not to enter the long history of weaving techniques, one distinguishes the carpet from the upholstery, and from the carpet, by its mode of manufacture, namely a succession of nodes fixed on the structure of the covering. And if we consider closely the vocabulary of the Middle French (late Middle Ages), we see that a carpet is considered decorative fabric as well to cover the walls as to act as wall hanging. Chapel rugs, wall, table, floor … In fact, until the nineteenth century, there is little difference between carpet and tapestry!

When did wall to wall carpet become popular?

Area rugs are by far the most popular choice for floor covering, thanks to their warmth, softness and sound insulation. They are also easy to maintain, keep for a long time, and are available in a very large number of colors, designs and fabrics.

When choosing your carpet, select the best quality that your budget can afford. High quality, and therefore more expensive, products are not needed in low-traffic areas, such as a bedroom. But you should consider a good quality product for areas of great passage, such as hallways or main living areas. Your choice should be guided by a practical mind. Area rugs are good for bedrooms, corridors, family rooms, living rooms and dining rooms. The wall-to-wall carpet is not recommended for areas that will be in constant contact with moisture, such as a kitchen or bathroom, because the cleaning will be more difficult, and the carpet supports very poorly the combination of molds and fungi, unlike other materials.

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